2 Nov 13
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I don’t think I’ve ever said this about anything to do with Star Wars - what with every bit of associated imagery choking the internet on a daily basis - but I’ve never seen these posters before. And they’re brilliant. I’m guessing some kind of Coca-Cola promotion in 1977. 

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31 Oct 13
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THE WICKER MAN (Regular) Movie Print by Richie Beckett THE WICKER MAN (Regular) Movie Print by Richie Beckett

Review: Richey Beckett’s Breathtaking The Wicker Man Print

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls! It’s that time of the year again: when little kids don spooky (but adorable) costumes, coeds find ways to make even the most bland, boring or inappropriate outfits way more provocative than they have any right to be (I kid you not, someone out there is wearing a sexy Hulk Hogan costume right now), and candy consumption rises to a diabetes-inducing high. But what about us film fanatics? What about us poster pundits? Sure, we don’t mind the odd pound, pound and a half of sweets now and again, but where are the Halloween goodies just for us? Fear not, my friends! For every adult dressed in a ridiculous costume (if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: clowns are not sexy, nor should they be made to be) there are five spine-tingling horror flicks, and at least one print associated with those things that go bump in the night. (I know you’ll be tempted to fact-check my math. Don’t. Just know that I’m in the general vicinity of correct. Move along, nothing to see here.) I mention all of this because Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man is one of those must-see, terrifying films and Richey Beckett’s Wicker Man illustration is one of those accompanying killer works of art.

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